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Dog Health: Symptoms of a dog health problem

18/01/2015 17:07

Dog Health: Symptoms of a dog health problem


Dog Health: How can you tell if your dog is not feeling well?  Is he ill or just tired? What are the common symptoms of a dog health problem?


The more you get familiar with your dog’s habits and behaviors, the easier it is to tell if he is experiencing a dog health problem. Below is a list of symptoms that you may observe when your beloved pet has a dog health problem:


1.  Pain

2.  Sneezing

3.  Fever

4.  Coughing

5.  Lingering Diarrhea

6.  Weight loss or weight gain, either sudden or lingering

7.  Frothing at the mouth

8.  Eye redness or discharge

9.  Inability to urinate or increased in urination

10. Lameness

11. Sudden change in behavior such as aggressiveness or fits

12.  Excessive vomiting

13. Labored breathing

14. Choking

15. Frequent itching, head shaking, and/or scratching

16. Sudden loss of appetite

17. Pain occurring in the mouth

18. Sudden and excessive hair loss


Dog Health: Check your dog on a regular basis. You should be aware of these symptoms of dog health problems. Either one or a combination of these symptoms can lead to a serious dog health problem.

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