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Dog Food: What is Colostrum?

18/01/2015 15:41

Dog Food: What is Colostrum?

No matter how close a puppy’s formula resembles the mother's milk, there is one ingredient that the dog owner cannot provide his puppy.  This formula is the colostrum.   Colostrum is found in the first few days of the mother's milk and protects her puppies from disease while their tiny bodies are learning to protect themselves.

There is no substitute for colostrum.  Whenever possible, every newborn puppy should nurse a newly freshened female dog, even if she is not the puppy's own mother, for at least the first 24 hours of the puppy’s life.  The losses among hand-fed puppies that fail to get colostrum during that first 24 hours are incredibly higher than among those that do.  On the other hand, even colostrum cannot protect newborn puppies against the more dangerous bacteria.  Also, colostrum cannot protect the puppy against overwhelming numbers of the less dangerous ones, such as numbers that come with unclean utensils and feeding equipment.  When colostrum-filled milk is not available, the necessity for cleanliness and proper handling of all items used to house and feed the newborn puppies is increased ten-fold.

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