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Dog Food: Puppy Feeding Program

18/01/2015 15:47

Dog Food: Puppy Feeding Program

The best time to determine the proper feeding programs for your pet is during puppy hood.  Meanwhile, the average time for the dog owner to assume the responsibility of feeding a dog is at weaning.  Sometimes, this task begins at birth or shortly right after.  In some unfortunate circumstances where a puppy is orphaned, or in situations where the mother whelps so many puppies that she cannot feed them all, the dog owner may have to begin his feeding chores while the puppy is still only hours old.

Bur whether the puppy is five hours, five weeks or five months old, there are three basic feeding steps that are essential in any puppy feeding program.  The first step is to weigh each puppy.  A record of his weight and the date it was taken should be kept on a separate record for each one. The second step is to determine the type of diet to give to the puppy.  This will depend on the stage of growth the puppy has attained.  The third and final step in puppy feeding is to determine the quantity of food needed to start the program.  This will depend on the age of the puppy, his weigh, and the caloric density of the food.

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