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Dog Food: Dog Food Dietary Requirements

18/01/2015 16:34

Dog Food: Dog Food Dietary Requirements

The initial commitment to deciding which dog food diet that is best to feed your puppy then maintained through his maturity is extremely important. As dog’s have a unique digestive system – different from human’s digestive system, the dog food diet need to provide on a daily basis, all the dog’s essential nutrients, 23 essential nutrients in total, and of these 23 essential nutrients only 13 of the essential nutrients that your dog is capable of providing within his own body. The remaining 10 essential nutrients which your dog is unable to provide, must be included within the daily dog food mix, and if these 10 essential nutrients are not provided daily, then your dog will be at risk of becoming ill from the dreaded nutrients deficiency diseases, and these diseases can become deadly and at the very least your dog could well become dependent of regular lifelong treatment from your local veterinarian, and this treatment can become a long term burden of your family’s financial budget. Being prepared to offer your family dog the very best opportunity to live a healthy and disease free existence is an extremely important you must accept as a caring dog owner, and this commitment must be consistently maintained throughout your family dog’s life and an extremely important Dog Care commitment. You as a caring dog owner must accept this dog care responsibility, and remember your family dog relies on your commitment to his health and well-being and especially for his daily dog food diet, which must be a daily dog food mix which contains the entire natural raw dog food and preferably in a formulation that will include the entire 23 essential nutrients, as these essential nutrients must be available to your puppy or dog on a daily basis. The natural raw dog food diet which is commonly referred to as dehydrated dog food and the advantage of providing this raw dehydrated dog food as the daily dog food mix, is the dog food formulation is actually a low calorie dog food contents, which if in full compliance with the dog food manufacturers labelled instructions – important to read, understand and follow these instructions, then your puppy or family dog will avoid the extremely damaging obesity diseases that affects so many family puppy’s and dogs who obviously as these are housebound dogs, they do not receive the daily exercise a physically demanding working dog would be subject to, then by overfeeding your dog or puppy with dog food with quantities with excess calories, your puppy or dog can physically use can only result in a potentially fatal diseases related to dog obesity. You must accept the moral obligation that you are responsible for your family puppy and or dog’s entire daily dog food diet, so you must exercise responsible dog care and this dog care must the throughout his life.

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